What does Kite do?

Kite is a print on demand platform that enables our partners to offer personalised products to the users of their app / visitors of their website. We offer developers, entrepreneurs, artists, photographers, agencies and global brands a way to instantly and seamlessly create new sources of revenue for their brands.

Scale your business with no outlay, no stock and no hassle!

However, our extensive product range, excellent distribution network and easy integration is just the beginning of Kite's offering..... 

Data driven decisions lie at the core of everything Kite does. We utilise the power of the Kite platform and SDKs to maximise the revenue that our partners make. Our mobile SDKs constantly run in play experiments, that seek to identify how best to convert your users into paying customers. With industry leading conversion rates on mobile, Kite strives to bring you the best returns. 

We also know that a one size fits all approach doesn't suit the vast range of verticals where the Kite platform is utilised. That is why we work closely with partners after integration to track user behaviour of the SDK, and identify how they can continue to grow their revenue streams.  

Our platforms suite of CRM tools, basket recovery, promo-code support, people analytics and push notifications will allow our partners to create their own marketing campaigns and analyse their core users behaviour and purchasing habits. 

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