Open Source

Kite uses software created by the Open Source community in some of our products. Below is a full list of the software in use:
ComponentUsed InLicense
UICKeyChainStoreKite iOS SDKMIT
StripeKite iOS SDKMIT
DACircularProgressKite iOS SDKMIT
CSStickyHeaderFlowLayoutKite iOS SDKMIT
UIColor-HexStringKite iOS SDKBSD
MPFlipViewControllerKite iOS SDKMIT
TSMarkdownParserKite iOS SDKMIT
ios-qr-encoderKite iOS SDKMIT
KITAssetsPickerControllerKite iOS SDKMIT
FacebookImagePickerKite iOS SDKMIT
InstagramImagePickerKite iOS SDKMIT
PayPal Android SDKKite Android SDKBSD
PicassoKite Android SDKApache 2.0
Stripe Android SDKKite Android SDKMIT
Google Android Support LibrariesKite Android SDKApache 2.0
ZXing Barcode EncoderKite Android SDKApache 2.0
Grid View with Header and FooterKite Android SDKApache 2.0
Angular.jsKite WebsiteMIT
Angular-animateKite WebsiteMIT
Angular-base64Kite WebsiteMIT
angular-chartKite WebsiteBSD
Angular-chosen-localyticsKite WebsiteMIT
Angular-gravatarKite WebsiteMIT
Angular-mixpanelKite WebsiteMIT
Angular-mocksKite WebsiteMIT
Angular-modal-serviceKite WebsiteMIT
Angular-paymentsKite WebsiteMIT
Angular-relative-dateKite WebsiteMIT
Angular-resourceKite WebsiteMIT
Angular-routeKite WebsiteMIT
Angular-sanitizeKite WebsiteMIT
Angular-spinkitKite WebsiteMIT
Angular-spinnerKite WebsiteMIT
Angular-stripeKite WebsiteMIT
Angular-translateKite WebsiteMIT
angular-ui-sortableKite WebsiteMIT
Angular-multiselectKite WebsiteMIT
BootstrapKite WebsiteMIT
Chosen.jsKite WebsiteMIT
Chart.jsKite WebsiteMIT
eonasdan-bootstrap-datetimepickerKite WebsiteMIT
hmps-animate-scssKite WebsiteWTFPL
international-phone-numberKite WebsiteMIT
detect-zoomKite WebsiteMIT
intl-tel-inputKite WebsiteMIT
jqueryKite WebsiteMIT
jquery-uiKite WebsiteMIT
laddaKite WebsiteMIT
ladda-angularKite WebsiteMIT
lightbox2Kite WebsiteMIT
lodashKite WebsiteMIT
momentKite WebsiteMIT
mixpanelKite WebsiteApache 2.0
moment-timezoneKite WebsiteMIT
ng-clipboardKite WebsiteMIT
ng-file-uploadKite WebsiteMIT
ng-notifications-barKite WebsiteMIT
ngsmoothscrollKite WebsiteMIT
ngstorageKite WebsiteMIT
spin.jsKite WebsiteMIT
stripe-angularKite WebsiteMIT
apiclientKite ServerMIT
apnsKite ServerMIT
BabelKite ServerBSD
CollectfastKite ServerMIT
codecovKite ServerApache 2.0
coverageKite ServerApache 2.0
WandKite ServerMIT
djangoKite ServerBSD
Jinja2Kite ServerBSD
MarkupSafeKite ServerBSD
PygmentsKite ServerBSD
SphinxKite ServerBSD
botoKite ServerMIT
defusedxmlKite ServerPSFL
dj-database-urlKite ServerMIT
dj-staticKite ServerBSD
django-admin-enhancerKite ServerMIT
django-cache-utilsKite ServerBSD
django-docsKite ServerBSD
django-debug-toolbarKite ServerBSD
django-json-fieldKite ServerBSD
django-markupfieldKite ServerBSD
django-moneyKite ServerBSD
django-noseKite ServerBSD
django-cors-headersKite ServerMIT
django-model-utilsKite ServerBSD
django-modeltranslationKite ServerBSD
django-push-notificationsKite ServerMIT
django-oauth-toolkitKite ServerBSD
django-pylibmcKite ServerBSD
django-registrationKite ServerBSD
django-storagesKite ServerBSD
django-secureKite ServerBSD
django-silkKite ServerMIT
django-smart-selectsKite ServerMIT
django-tastypieKite ServerBSD
django-test-without-migrationsKite ServerMIT
django-uuidfieldKite ServerBSD
docutilsKite ServerBSD
exifreadKite ServerBSD
flake8Kite ServerMIT
freezegunKite ServerApache 2.0
google-api-python-clientKite ServerApache 2.0
httplib2Kite ServerMIT
jsonfieldKite ServerMIT
jsonschemaKite ServerMIT
logilab-commonKite ServerLGPL
longerusernameKite ServerBSD
lxmlKite ServerBSD
mailchimpKite ServerMIT
markdownKite ServerBSD
mimeparseKite ServerMIT
mockKite ServerBSD
ndg-httpsclientKite ServerBSD
newrelicKite ServerApache 2.0, BSD, MIT, PSFL
oauth2clientKite ServerApache 2.0
oauthlibKite ServerBSD
PyPDF2Kite ServerBSD
PyDriveKite ServerApache 2.0
PyYAMLKite ServerMIT
paramikoKite ServerLGPL
pygeoipKite ServerLGPL
psycopg2Kite ServerLGPL
py-moneyedKite ServerBSD
pyOpenSSLKite ServerApache 2.0
pyasn1Kite ServerBSD
pycurlKite ServerLGPL / MIT
pylibmcKite ServerBSD
django-decorator-includeKite ServerBSD
pyasn1-modulesKite ServerBSD
python-dateutilKite ServerBSD
python-gcmKite ServerMIT
python-mimeparseKite ServerMIT
pytzKite ServerMIT
pygeocoderKite ServerBSD
redisKite ServerMIT
requestsKite ServerApache 2.0
rqKite ServerBSD
rsaKite ServerApache 2.0
sixKite ServerMIT
sudsKite ServerLGPL
staticKite ServerMIT
stripeKite ServerMIT
timesKite ServerBSD
uritemplateKite ServerBSD
urllib3Kite ServerMIT
waitressKite ServerZPL 2.1
wsgirefKite ServerPSFL or ZPL
xmltodictKite ServerMIT
PillowKite ServerMIT
preppyKite ServerBSD
reportlabKite ServerBSD
alembricKite Shopify AppMIT
arrowKite Shopify AppApache 2.0
blinkerKite Shopify AppMIT
boto3Kite Shopify AppApache 2.0
botocoreKite Shopify AppApache 2.0
certifiKite Shopify AppMPL 2.0
cssminKite Shopify AppMIT
enum34Kite Shopify AppBSD
FlaskKite Shopify AppBSD
Flask-AssetsKite Shopify AppBSD
Flask-CDNKite Shopify AppMIT
Flask-CorsKite Shopify AppMIT
Flask-DebugToolbarKite Shopify AppBSD
Flask-MigrateKite Shopify AppMIT
Flask-S3Kite Shopify AppMIT
Flask-ScriptKite Shopify AppBSD
Flask-SQLAlchemyKite Shopify AppBSD
futuresKite Shopify AppBSD
geventKite Shopify AppMIT
greenletKite Shopify AppMIT
grequestsKite Shopify AppMIT
gunicornKite Shopify AppMIT
inflectionKite Shopify AppMIT
itsdangerousKite Shopify AppBSD
Jinja2Kite Shopify AppBSD
jmespathKite Shopify AppMIT
jsminKite Shopify AppMIT
MakoKite Shopify AppMIT
MarkupSafeKite Shopify AppBSD
passlibKite Shopify AppBSD
psutilKite Shopify AppBSD
psycopg2Kite Shopify AppLGPL
pyactiveresourceKite Shopify AppMIT
pycountryKite Shopify AppLGPL
PymplerKite Shopify AppApache 2.0
python-dateutilKite Shopify AppBSD
python-editorKite Shopify AppApache 2.0
python-http-clientKite Shopify AppMIT
python-intercomKite Shopify AppMIT
pytzKite Shopify AppMIT
PyYAMLKite Shopify AppMIT
redisKite Shopify AppBSD
requestsKite Shopify AppApache 2.0
rqKite Shopify AppBSD
rq-dashboardKite Shopify AppBSD
s3transferKite Shopify AppApache 2.0
sendgridKite Shopify AppMIT
ShopifyAPIKite Shopify AppMIT
sixKite Shopify AppMIT
SQLAlchemyKite Shopify AppMIT
SQLAlchemy-UtilsKite Shopify AppBSD
webassetsKite Shopify AppBSD
WerkzeugKite Shopify AppBSD
Angular.jsKite Shopify AppMIT
Angular-animateKite Shopify AppMIT
Angular-currency-formatKite Shopify AppMIT
Angular-laddaKite Shopify AppMIT
Angular-mocksKite Shopify AppMIT
Angular-paymentsKite Shopify AppMIT
Angular-routeKite Shopify AppMIT
Angular-sanitizeKite Shopify AppMIT
BootstrapKite Shopify AppMIT
laddaKite Shopify AppMIT
matchmediaKite Shopify AppMIT
ng-file-uploadKite Shopify AppMIT
ngStickyKite Shopify AppMIT
ngstorageKite Shopify AppMIT
spin.jsKite Shopify AppMIT
backports-abcKite Product Rendering ServerPSFL
backports.ssl-match-hostnameKite Product Rendering ServerPSFL
certifiKite Product Rendering ServerMPL 2.0
clickKite Product Rendering ServerBSD
FlaskKite Product Rendering ServerBSD
Flask-CorsKite Product Rendering ServerMIT
futuresKite Product Rendering ServerBSD
gunicornKite Product Rendering ServerMIT
itsdangerousKite Product Rendering ServerBSD
Jinja2Kite Product Rendering ServerBSD
MarkupSafeKite Product Rendering ServerBSD
numpyKite Product Rendering ServerBSD
PillowKite Product Rendering ServerMIT
requestsKite Product Rendering ServerApache 2.0
singledispatchKite Product Rendering ServerMIT
sixKite Product Rendering ServerMIT
tinys3Kite Product Rendering ServerMIT
tornadoKite Product Rendering ServerApache 2.0
WerkzeugKite Product Rendering ServerBSD

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