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  1. Getting Started 

    1. What does Kite do?
    2. What are Kite's exclusive brand partnerships?
    3. How do I get started?
    4. What platforms do you support?
    5. Where do you deliver too?
  2. iOS & Android SDKs 

    1. Why use the Kite SDKs?
    2. How long does it take to integrate?
    3. Custom Implementations of the SDK
    4. Paying by Paypal doesn't work in Test environment.
  3. Kite Dashboard 

    1. What is the Kite dashboard used for?
    2. Setting up products visible in your app (SDK users)
    3. How do I track the sales I have made?
    4. Checking the order status of orders placed by your customers.
    5. How do I set up dispatch and confirmation e-mails?
  4. Kite Product Range 

    1. What products does Kite sell?
    2. What are your products made?
    3. What are the quality of your products like?
    4. How quickly are your products manufactured and then shipped?
    5. What branding do my customers see?
  5. Kite Shopify App 

    1. How do I connect my Shopify store to Kite?
    2. How do I send my customers orders to Kite for fulfilment?
    3. What products are available through your Shopify app?
  6. Legal 

    1. Terms of Use
    2. Privacy Policy
    3. Open Source
  7. Payment & Earning Commision 

    1. Paying for orders if using the Kite API
    2. How do I earn commission when using the Kite SDK
    3. What is the base cost vs the retail cost?
    4. How do I set the retail cost for my customers? (SDK users)
    5. How do I get paid? (SDK users)
  8. Quality Guarantee 

    1. What if my custom isn't happy with their product?
  9. Shipping & Delivery 

    1. How do I know if my customer's order has been shipped?
    2. What is shown on the packing slip?
    3. How long does it take you to delivery to world destinations (White labelled user)
    4. What if the customers order doesn't arrive ?
  10. All articles 

    1. Terms of Use
    2. What products does Kite sell?
    3. What does Kite do?
    4. Paying for orders if using the Kite API
    5. What is the Kite dashboard used for?
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